The Moy Saus group is a family business rooted in Mallorca which is dedicated to food distribution, both wholesale and retail.


Our history dates back from 1928. Dedicated to the wholesale distribution of food, it was located in Damas Calvet street, in Palma, and it occupied an area of 400 m2. Over the years it changed location several times, including Font i Monteros street and Porta de Sant Antoni square.

In 1970 the company was one of the first ten to settle down in the new industrial estate of Son Castell. That same year we joined, as shareholder members, the Grupo IFA, the buying service company which was created just three years earlier.

At present, besides the traditional wholesale distribution and various Cash & Carry located in different parts of the island of Mallorca, we also have a network of proprietary and franchised supermarkets under the trade brands BIP BIP, EUROCOP and PRETI.

Witnesses and participants of the radical changes that has experienced the world of food distribution in our islands during the last decades with the irruption of large national and international companies, we continue faithful to the spirit of closeness and trust towards our customers and employees that we have cultivated during these ninety years of history.